Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners, architects, builds and interior designers who are looking for an environmental alternative to timber flooring that is a stylish, hard wearing, pre-finished flooring system and ease of installation with our 2G Välinge drop down click system.

Green Earth Bamboo Flooring Technical Specifications

The manufacturer of Green Earth’s bamboo flooring is a current holder of CE Certificate ISO9001 in Quality Management, and is a ISO14001 Environmental Management certified company. They also use world leading equipment such as HOMAG and BURKLE. Production is undertaken using European licensed click system, and also a European Treffert coating.

1.    Environmental friendly bamboo flooring

Environmentally friendly products Global forestry is one reason why local environments and climatic patterns are continually destabilizing. For this reason, programs such as recycling are becoming popular to curb the degradation. Alternatives to timber as a construction material have also been promoted to reduce dependence on hardwoods. Mao bamboo also benefits the environment in which it grows. For example, its broad root structure helps to stabilize the soil and prevent erosion. With its physical characteristics and ability to regenerate rapidly, bamboo is one of the best means to replace hardwoods while providing similar properties and attractiveness.

2.    Replace wood with bamboo flooring

Although many characteristics of bamboo are similar to those of hardwoods, bamboo is not a wood. It is classified as a grass that is much denser, and therefore stronger than hardwoods. It also grows much faster than hardwoods, making it an easily replenish able resource. There are about 1,200 varieties of bamboo in the world, but Green Earth bamboo uses only Mao Bamboo (phyllostachys pubescent) because its diameter, color, structure, density and strength is most suitable for the production of bamboo flooring and furniture paneling. This bamboo variety can grow about 2-3 feet the first 24 hours when spouting from ground in spring. In 6 months, a stalk’s height and diameter can become mature and can be harvested after 4 years.



  • GREEN EARTH ORIGINAL SERIES – 14 x 125 x 1850mm Semi Gloss Finish – Natural, Carbonised, Champagne, Antique Natural, Antique Carbonised, Vintage


  • GREEN EARTH ORIGINAL SERIES – 14 x 125 x 1850mm Semi Gloss Finish – Natural, Carbonised

2G Locking Technology

The Strength of the mechanical locking is divided into two different aspects, visual gap opening at 0.2mm and total strength before the lock is broken or the product slides apart.

The Välinge profile is by far the strongest lock with a strength exceeding twice the strength of a competitive lock. By using the Välinge profile you are among the strongest in the business.

Product Description

  • Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring: is made of high density bamboo materials, which is one of the hardest floorings in the current market.
  • Our Bamboo Floor came with Click Lock System. This is a great choice for an easy way to install a beautiful floor, no glue or special tools are required.
  • Click Lock System Bamboo Flooring can be installed on top of most existing timber floors, tiles, concrete and other floors as long as the existing floor is level.
  • Once installed on underlay, the flooring is stable and will not move around or come apart.
  • Bamboo Floor is easy to clean, maintain and long lasting. Great choice for high human traffic areas. Living room and bedroom.

Finish: German UV acrylic urethane providing extra anti-scratch and abrasion resistance. Coating is water based, solvent free and exceeds the allowable US and European (E1) standards <E1,0.00155ppm for off gassing.

Hardness: Janka Rating: 15

Warranty : Lifetime Structural Warranty  & 25 years Wear Warranty