Waterproof Hybrid SPC Flooring

Greenearth waterproof flooring

100% Waterproof

Greenearth waterproof flooring is 100% Waterproof and effortlessly defeats spills and stains.

Ultimate durability

The heavy weight of appliances and furniture will not affect Greenearth waterproof flooring, and daily wear and tear whether it’s food and drink spills, bath splashes, muddy shoes or paws.

Ideal for kitchens, baths and vestibules

Waterproof, A.B.C. Anti-Bacterial Coating, integrated walking and impact sound insulation, high load bearing capacity, beveled edges, authentic surface texture.

Innovative design

Greenearth Authentic Embossed glossy or deep matt pores faithfully reproduce the most exquisite features of premium quality timber to give your floor a natural look and feel never before seen on such high performance floors.

Easy installation

It comes with a unique fast and simple 5G Clic-System for easy installation with no hassle. The 5G system provides greater strength and stability than other locks and eliminates movement within the joints. This gives our floors superior long-term performance and reliability.

Easy to clean

These floors also easily resist scratches, stains, and wear, and cleaning couldn’t be simpler. Just sweep, dust, or vacuum regularly, and occasionally damp mop to clean the surface.

Where can it be used?

Greenearth innovative technology allows the floors to be used in common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms and heavy traffic commercial areas such as shopping centers, hotel lobby’s, boutique shops, restaurants, cruise ships etc…

Features of Greenearth waterproof flooring

Ideal for residential and commercial projects

A 25year residential and 10 year commercial warranty

Product Feature

  • Plank Size:

    6.5mm x 228mm x 1830mm

    6.5mm x 229mm x 1511mm

  • Integrated Silence Pad
  • Up to 60 different panels per design
  • Unilin angle angle click system
  • Skid resistance R9
  • Stain and imprint resistant
  • Digital Design
  • Rezor-sharp resolution
  • Micro scratch protection
  • A.B.C. Anti-Bacterial Coating
  • VOC A+